Lang, Gert; Hofer-Fischanger, Kathrin (2021): Factors influencing (health-promoting) telework during COVID-19: A company sample in Austria. European Journal of Public Health, 31 (Suppl.). iii258. ISSN 1101-1262

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Many companies had to switch to teleworking (TW) due to COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020. However, TW conditions (home office) are not always health promoting. The question was: To what extent companies enabled TW before, during and after the first lockdown (time points t1-t3) and what is the role of workplace health promotion (WHP) in the establishment of health-promoting TW?Using TAM, hypotheses were operationalised using a standardised questionnaire. At the beginning of 2020, a selection of 1858 Austrian companies were asked to participate in an online survey. The n = 192 responses from company representatives cover a broad mix of different sectors, industries, company sizes and regions in Austria. The analysis was carried out using structural equation models.Both the extent of TW implemented (means: mt1=3.7, mt2=18.4, mt3=8.6 days per month/employee) and the proportion of the workforce that could make use of TW (mt1=17.3%, mt2=58.6%, mt3=40.1%) increased significantly during the 1st lockdown and did not return to the pre-lockdown level afterwards. The degree of TW depended on how well the companies were prepared for it (β = 0.271). The (a) experience with TW and the (b) willingness to continue offering TW depended on the preparation (a: 0.243; b: 0.453) and on the actual degree of implementation of TW (a: 0.228; b: 0.193). For the intention to implement health-promoting TW in the company, the general willingness for TW (0.415) but also the existing WHP structures are central requirements (0.446; all p < 0.050).Far more than before COVID-19, TW is of central interest for public health and WHP. In terms of a holistic health understanding of TW, companies have to adapt to the changing conditions (eg technical, communication) and to establish comprehensive WHP structures and processes. Support for companies can come from training or further education to raise awareness and develop an appropriate health-promoting company culture.Health promoting telework conditions need to be assessed and developed further.Companies need to be supported when implementing health-promoting telework, eg with guidelines, further education.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Telearbeit; Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung; COVID-19
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