Rojatz, Daniela; Metzler, Birgit (2022): Reflections on Health Promotion Research in the Field of Health-Promoting Health Care: The What, Why, and How of the Viennese Tradition. In: Global Handbook of Health Promotion Research, Vol 1 Mapping Health Promotion Research. Springer Nature Switzerland AG, Switzerland., 595 -604.

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The Viennese tradition of health promotion research in the field of health-promoting health care has its roots in the Ottawa Charter’s call for reorienting health services towards health promotion. It has started more than 30 years ago with a model project in a hospital in Vienna, Austria. Since then, a group of researchers around principal investigator Jürgen M. Pelikan has been contributing to the realization of the vision stated in the Ottawa Charter through research, scientific support, and consulting of health care organizations. This chapter reflects on the developments to date and the current research and work practices along the Viennese tradition by asking the following guiding questions: What is researched? Why it is researched? How it is researched? Health care organizations as relevant settings for health promotion are researched and scientifically supported to foster their reorientation towards health promotion. Theories and concepts influenced by Luhmann’s systems theory, Antonovsky’s salutogenesis paradigm, and Donabedian’s quality development approach were combined and applied to develop models, concepts, and tools for the practical implementation of the aspired reorientation of health services. In addition, networks have been established at regional, national, and international levels – mainly with members from practice (primarily health care organizations) and policy – which enables to identify current developments, trends, and challenges quite quickly and to get involved in their processing.

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