Schmutterer, Irene (2022): Prevalence of Tobacco Smoking in Austria. Differences between Women and Men. Lisbon Addictions 2022, 23. November 2022, Lissabon.

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The research question is in which aspects women and men differ in smoking behaviour (prevalence) in Austria. How did differcences in prevalence rates change over time?
To answer the research question, epidemiological data from different sources (population surveys on consumption frequency and causes of death statistics) was used, analysed and compared.
Over many decades the smoking habits of women and men in Austria have become more and more similar. Young men started smoking less often, young women more often than before (cohort effect). This development can also be seen in mortality rates (lung cancer). Currently, fewer women than men smoke. On average, female smokers smoke less cigarettes per day than male smokers. Men are more likely to be exposed to second-hand smoke than women. Compared to other European countries, Austrian women rank above average regarding daily smoking, while Austrian men are positioned midrange. Differences can also be seen in the prevalence of e-cigarette and water pipe/shisha consumption. As well as in the consumption prevalence of smokeless tobacco products and nicotine pouches. More men than women use these products.
Although differences between women and men in smoking behaviour have decreased in recent decades, there are still aspects where they differ.

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