Trunner, Kathrin; Habl, Claudia; Leuprecht, Eva; Stradner, Anja (2021): X-eHealth project glossary. SPMS - Shared Services of Ministry of Health, Portugal.

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The primary objective of the X-eHealth project has been to develop the foundations for the future adoption of a European health governance framework that allows secure access to patient health information between Member States and other EU countries. In cooperation with the other Work Packages the WP3 Evaluation team developed a joint glossary with important concepts for the project that served as a shared repository to unify terminology across project work packages and to ensure a public understanding of X-eHealth’s results and work. Two glossary types have been established, maintained and updated regularly in the course of the X-eHealth project: (1) Project internal glossary with a more comprehensive collection of concepts and acronyms which was provided over the SharePoint platform; (2) Public glossary with key concepts and acronyms ensuring a public understanding of X-eHealth’s results/work which was available from the project’s website under *** In addition, the X-eHealth WP3 team established a glossaries catalogue, which listed relevant glossaries and recommended consulting them for supplementary reading to promote existing glossaries and harmonize work. The glossaries catalogue was available from the project website at

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