Vogler, Sabine; Paris, Valérie; Panteli, Dimitra (2018): Ensuring access to medicines: How to redesign pricing, reimbursement and procurement? Policy Brief No. 30. World Health Organization, Copenhagen.

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Policy-makers and purchasers increasingly face very high price tags for new medicines, and some worry that these prices challenge the financial sustainability of solidarity-based, publicly funded health care systems. In support of the Austrian Council Presidency 2018, this Policy Brief investigated of how pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement and procurement can be redesigned to ensure affordable and sustainable patient access to new medicines. More specifically, the Policy Brief did a mapping of policies for pricing, reimbursement and procurement of new medicines that are currently in place in EU Member States. It analysed the strengths and limitations of these policies and it discussed alternative approaches. The Policy Brief concluded that collaborations, at both intra-country and cross-country levels, are emerging as a way forward in many areas. Further, measures to overcome information asymmetry and fragmentation and to strengthen the bargaining power of public payers appear to be of key importance. This Policy Brief No. 30 was produced by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, with the participation of a GÖG expert as first author. It adds to Policy Brief No. 29 that explored approaches to stimulate innovation to meet patients’ needs. *********Zur Unterstützung der österreichischen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft bereitet der vorliegende Policy Brief des „European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies“ unter federführender GÖG-Autorenschaft Evidenz zu der Frage auf, wie das System der Preisbildung, Erstattung und Beschaffung von neuen Arzneimitteln gestaltet sein sollte, um den Zugang zu Arzneimitteln zu sichern.

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